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Learn the history surrounding the legacy. Read an in depth article regarding the history of just how these versatile Lawn and Garden Tractors came to be and survive to this day.

Learn the history behind what made J. I. Case Plow Works one of the most revered implement and tractor manufacturing companies in the world.

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Here you can browse just some of the sales brochures produced by Colt, Case and Ingersoll over the years. From the early sixties to the present day Ingersoll compact tractors these colorful brochures stand as an illustrated testament to how truly versatile these machines really are. Early brochures show some great images of the first Colt model 7 and even specifications for the Colt 9.5 model. After the Colt-O-Matic transmission tractors it was on to the 100 Series Case tractors which marked the hydraulic drive Desert Sunset and Flambeau Red machines. Next, the new 100, 200 and 400 Series make their appearance as Case and then Ingersoll begin to make color and minor design changes. Finally, Ingersoll takes the reins and full control of all color and any design decisions for the newer machines.

In addition, not a lot of individuals know the extent of just how many attachments where made available for these versatile compact tractors. Ranging from the basic dump cart to the C-58 Walston Scrubber the array of equipment was extensive. Several allied companies such as Brinly Hardy Co., Gandy and York are just a few that helped supply those great attachements so many Lawn and Garden tractor owner's enjoyed back then and, for some, still today. We invite you to browse the many images available of those great sales brochures from the past and don't forget to view the great images in the "Implements Your Mother Never Told You About" section. Even if you're a seasoned Case, Colt or Ingersoll collector or someone who has just purchased thier first Case, Colt or Ingersoll tractor we think you will find the implement section very educational.

The brainchild of two brothers from Milwaukee, the Colt line of garden tractors began in 1962 and is shrouded in mystery to this very day.

In late 1964, Colt was bought out by J. I. Case and the 1965 to 1968 tractors are depicted here.

The 1969 year ushered in a complete make-over for J. I. Case. The "CASE POWER" era began and the Garden Tractor line was totally redesigned plus a Lawn Tractor was introduced for the first time.

As part of the CASE POWER program, 1977 signaled the end of Desert Sunset paint. In it's place, was an all red tractor with Power White wheels.

Late in 1983, Case startled everyone when tractors with traditional Power Red tin mounted on Black frames and undercarriage plus a white seat left the factory. Even more surprising were the Power White implements to go with the new color scheme.

Allegedly designed in concert with the engineering staff responsible for the famous Construction King tractor/loader/backhoe’s, the 600 Series integrated loader and loader/backhoes soon proved just how mighty a tool they were.

The name changed once more in 1987 to Ingersoll when Case sold the OPE division but the quality remained.

In 2005, the flagging corporation changed hands for the 5th time in it’s 40 plus year history when the venerable Eastman Industries assumed control. The tractor is better than ever under their leadership.

The spectrum of attachments that were available for the Case, Colt and Ingersoll tractors was much broader than most enthusiasts realize.

If you would like to find out what Case or Ingersoll attachment will fit a particular model tractor then take a look at the Attachment Matching Chart. At a glance you'll know exactly which OEM Mower, Utility Blade, Tiller or other Case or Ingersoll built attachment will fit your compact tractor.

When developed, the Colt, Case and Ingersoll hydraulic system was a revolutionary departure from the hydrostatic drive systems used by lawn and garden tractor manufacturers at the time and to this date not replicated or improved upon by any other lawn and garden tractor manufacturer. This hydraulic drive-system design allows for a more flexible configuration, one that can adapt to numerous power beyond scenarios to meet the ever changing needs of the task at hand. Colt was the first and only compact tractor company to utilize the strengths of such a hydraulic system. This innovative system continues in the Ingersoll brand garden compact tractors today.

These compact tractors were designed for durability and long life. When the Johnson brothers approached the design for a new garden tractor for the market they knew they had to set themselves apart from other manufacturers of the era. Not only did Colt set the standard by using hydraulics to power their machines and attachments but there were a number of design features that stand out as leading edge innovations in simplicity and functionality for these multipurpose compact tractors. Tractors with just the right size and power to handle a variety of needs plus features and technology almost as versatile as their owner's. That's what sets Colt, Case and Ingersoll apart.