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Hydraulic System

The exclusive Colt, Case and Ingersoll - Pioneered Hydraulic Drive-System

The patented hydraulic system is of open center design consisting of an atmospheric reservoir, positive displacement gear pump, control valve and geroler motor. This exclusive system represents the ultimate in hydraulic power design for compact tractor operation. It eliminates the need for an engine clutch, gear shifting, drive belts and driveshafts while providing finger tip Cushion Control over the tractor's travel speeds in forward and reverse. There is a constant flow of fluid power available for motorized attachments regardless of the tractor's travel speed. The heavy-duty cast iron transaxle provides a High range for fast transport and light duty work while Low range provides job-matched tractor travel speeds for excellent efficiency with all attachments that are raised and lowered hydraulically, as well.

If you are new to this type of drive system, the illustration below will help you understand how it works in its basic form. Once you become a member of this forum, you will have access to the Technical Library that contains original manuals explaining the optional equipment that can expand the use of the hydraulic system. With the simple addition of the optional rear PTO valve, owners are able to hydraulically power attachments such as the 4 foot Hydracutter to make short work of those rough fields that need to be kept under control. There is also a chipper/shredder to convert fallen branches, twigs and leaves into mulch for gardens and planting beds. Speaking of gardens, the 41 inch wide rototiller that can be reversed instantly will make seed bed preparation and adding soil improvers almost effortless. For those of you who burn firewood, Case/Ingersoll offers a variety of log splitters, some of which split wood in both directions, thus saving valuable time. And let's not forget the powerful Category 0 three-point hitch that will lift and lower thanks to finger tip control next to the steering wheel.

The addition of the Category 0 three-point hitch or the optional Sleeve-style hitch will permit the owner to select from a dazzling array of aftermarket ploughs, cultivators, seeders, fertilizer spreaders and rotary discs for every aspect of vegetable gardening and lawn care. You can also choose to add either a Hydra-Bagger or a Hydra-Vac. Each of these attachments share the same hydraulically powered vacuum unit that connects to the mower deck. The difference lies in what happens with the debris from the mower deck after it passes through the vacuum. The Hydra-bagger uses three individual but removable mesh bags mounted in a rack behind the tractor. The Hydra-Vac is set up to tow the Case/Ingersoll dump cart behind the tractor and deposit the debris into it.

No other brand of tractor offers you such a wide array of attachments that are so easy to connect, thanks to the quick-coupler system on the hydraulic hoses. In addition, there is but one engine to maintain for all these attachments and no driveshafts or belts to hook up. This makes switching from one attachment to another fast and simple. Finally, the interchangeability of attachments between different models of Case and Ingersoll garden tractors is unparalleled. Once you take a close look at a Case or Ingersoll tractor, you will understand why their owners fall in love with them and won't purchase anything else.