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    I have purchased a mid 70's 444 with factory three point this winter. The tractor is running and seems in decent shape. Yes, I know I need to post some pics, and I will do that when we get a break from the rain. Is there a thread or a checklist of all the tasks I should undertake to ensure the...
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    1971 444 Kohler.....should have shim clutch, but sure doesn't look like it ! Removed fan and found a threaded shaft with a 1 3/4" inch large nut with 1/2" small nut torqued to about 80 lbs! Removed the 1/2" but can't budge the 1 3/4" adjusting nut. The reason I'm doing this....clutch was...
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    I have a 79 Case 444 which I am going through to make everything work properly. I am working on repairing the hydraulics as the old hydraulic hoses have brittle sheathing to the point that there is no more sheathing on the lines. The issue I have is with the hydraulic lift hoses. I wanted to...
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    Hello all, been reading this forum for a time now, and I just register cause I have big questions ! I bought a case 444 this summer, 1976, engine has been replace by a chines hoda copy ( 16hp ) I started using it to learn it's personality and it's health ! gacket to change engine wire is a...
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    Really need some opinions here... I found a really nice 'All Hydraulic' with low hours and in great shape...But... I am just not sold on the all hydraulic approach, not to mention the lack of used implements to make this tractor as versatile as my current 446. I love the power steering! And...
1-5 of 10 Results