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  1. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    I have a Case 222 I believe it’s a 77, the splines on the I believe are hi/low gears are broke which was causing the rear wheel to lock up. I have the rear end completely torn off and can not find the gears anywhere. I did find a case 446 1978 I was wondering if the rear ends would swap out...
  2. Kohler Engines
    I am having an issue with the blades on my 222 disengaging while cutting the grass. The engagement lever will back off while mowing of I don’t hold it in the engaged position. Does anyone know know what causes this? Does my clutch/pto need adjusting? Last work I had done to the tractor was 1-2...
  3. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    Our weather here has dropped below freezing the last week, and a couple of days ago I went out to set my 222 up to move snow around. It has a tiller mounted at the moment. To my surprise, I can't get it to move. Any attempt to go in either direction just bogs the motor down. The tiller lifts...
1-3 of 4 Results