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  1. Kohler Engines
    In search of Case/Ingersoll experts (here I see they are plenty). Some background, just bought a 1979 Case 444 with original 14HP Kohler K321AS and I am havin g a few issues. I would love for someone to let me know what it needs so that I’m not just buying things unnecessarily. Maybe I am...
  2. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    Took the Case out this weekend for a family camp out. The Case hauled in all the gear, no problem. On day two, however, the ridges from previous tire tracks in the path froze. Lost a wheel in the afternoon, due to outward torque on the clips and bearing. Limped it back home. Lesson learned!
  3. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    Hi guys, My case 444 chatters for a few seconds when i try to start it, then completely stops. The solenoid works fine. My battery has 230 cca. Is it a bad breaker point? Or something else...? Thanks!
  4. Workshop
    I recently purchased a 1972 CASE 444 and along with it came several implements, one of which is a non-CASE mower deck ( was told it was a TORO, but have not confirmed ). This mower deck is a 3 blade mower deck with a single belt connection on the top to connect to the engine. This mower deck...
  5. Workshop
    I recently purchased a 444 with several implements, one was a mower deck ( I believe they said it was a Toro) that they purchased for the tractor many years prior, but never touched it (looks to be in excellent condition with little to no use other than sitting in the elements for years). If it...
  6. NEW MEMBER Introductions
    I recently purchased this refurbished 1985 Case 446 with a rebuilt Onan 18 hp. from Case Tractor Hobbiest, Rober Des Jardin, South Lyon Michigan. For the most part, the geographical history of this tractor has kept it in the State of Michigan. I think Bob Des Jardin did a great job on...
  7. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    Is there an easy fix for the front end slop on my early 80's Case 444? The Big cast iron part in the front of the tractor has more slop than I would like...if you roll the front wheels forward it can move the cast iron part back and forth about 1/8-3/16 inch...when I am mowing and look down it...
  8. Kohler Engines
    Greetings folks, I have a 1985 Case 444 tractor powered by a Kohler K321 engine. The tractor serial number is 14072843. Late last fall while mowing grass (literally the last time of the year), the engine began racing and the throttle lever position had no effect. I limped the tractor to the...
1-8 of 8 Results