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  1. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    Hi, I just got my first Case tractor and I’m thrilled! As expected I am learning how to use it and I am finding a few challenges. Specifically, the blower seems to be eating belts. I replaced the belt that came on the blower because it was frayed and jumped off twice in the first 10 minutes...
  2. NEW MEMBER Introductions
    Good evening everyone. Thinking about picking up a 1982 448 for $1250. No attachments beyond the mower deck but it looks relatively unmolested and in good shape. Hopefully i can get some good advice on it and if not it one like it. I want to be able to mow, pull stuff, grade the gravel driveway...
  3. NEW MEMBER Introductions
    Evening everyone, glad to be here. Pretty new to the tractor world in general but have a small 10 acre wooded piece of land and need a machine to work it. Someone has a 448 in my area with a plow, snow blower, 2 mower decks and a brush vacuum. The current owner says she is leaking oil and hes...
  4. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    Hello all been awhile since I’ve been on here, I’ve got caught up with life as I’m sure you guys know. I have a case 448 that makes a squealing noise when in high gear, it only does it when you move the tcv forward pretty quick. It also does it when I am plowing the garden in low gear and will...
  5. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    I just pickup a real nice 448 and would love to have a copy of the books for it. There is a rear hitch and it is not hooked up right. I hate to admit it is my first Case tractor and I love it but is nothing like my J-D's or Cubs.
1-5 of 5 Results