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  1. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    Hi All I need to replace part #C27996 on my 648. It’s the longer of the two hoses going to the power steering cylinder. I’d like to figure out the specs without taking it off. Fitting size and hose ID. Tks
  2. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    Hello all been awhile since I’ve been on here, I’ve got caught up with life as I’m sure you guys know. I have a case 448 that makes a squealing noise when in high gear, it only does it when you move the tcv forward pretty quick. It also does it when I am plowing the garden in low gear and will...
  3. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    Hello, My Case 648bh-81 filter housing cover part no. c28754 has acrack. It is cast aluminum. I cannot find a source for this part on the internet. Doessomeone have one I can buy? Also is it possible and feasible to install a filter adaptorfrom a later 6018 part no. c33038 and use a filter...
  4. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    I am trying to install a rear PTO in my 646. I've read quite a few posts, most from the archives. But, to me, something does not seems right. I do not want to miss something. I gather you hook up the hose from the main pump directly to the "IN" on the rear PTO. Then hook up the 'out' directly...
  5. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    '78 222. I was out spreading some gravel a few weeks ago with the plow on the front of my 222. I was dropping it down far enough just to take the weight of the tractor off of the front wheels. I could drive around and it would hold that position without any problem. Unfortunately I hit a big...
1-5 of 5 Results