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  1. NEW MEMBER Introductions
    Hello everybody! I recently picked up my first Ingersoll tractor, the 4016 pictured below. The hydraulics sometimes squeal when raising or lowering the deck (not sure why), but other than than that everything works perfectly. The brake needed adjustment when I got it, and I was very thankful for...
  2. NEW MEMBER Introductions
    Howdy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I'm finally getting around to saying hello - I bought an '84 446 this summer. It came with a bunch of attachments - mower, rototiller, plow, cultivator, blade and snowcaster. I've been cleaning up and refurbishing components when I have spare time and...
  3. NEW MEMBER Introductions
    Hello, I’m Steve from South Bend,In. I’m currently working on my 446-75. I have pictures on my phone and hope to upload pictures soon.
  4. NEW MEMBER Introductions
    I never knew I needed a tractor until I operated a mini excavator a few years ago at work and ever since I've been hooked. my ambition is to operate a small farm eventually but at the moment I'm limited in space. After busting my butt with a shovel, moving material, and dragging logs around...
1-4 of 4 Results