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  1. NEW MEMBER Introductions
    Thanks for the add. I horse trade with just about anything but my favorite thing to do is save an old garden tractor from the scrap yard. This is the first Ingersoll I've had the pleasure to save. Have some questions so I thought I'd come to where the knowledge is!
  2. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    I have a 646 1975. I replaced oil pump about ten hours use ago. Got all my power back. I was pushing some brush and suddenly no power to move forward or backward. Loader goes up lethargically. This morning went out to see if it would move and it does very slowly almost to the point of...
  3. Case Colt Ingersoll Tractors
    New to the forum.. But I have a '78 222 and the Kohler is starting to get a little tired. I recently obtained a Kubota z482 2-cyl diesel that needs rebuilt. If it's not in too bad of shape it will be the donor motor when the Kohler finally decides to go. My question is, will I be able to reuse...
1-3 of 3 Results