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10" Simplicity Moldboard Plow Retrofit

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Hello friends!

Anyone here have experience with one of these? From my research it appears to be of at least 1962 vintage.

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My friend gave it to me for free and I'm going to retrofit it for use on my 4016 with a 3-point drawbar. I'm curious how they perform, if shares and moldboards are still available, etc.

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This is my first time messing with a plow and I've done extensive research but still need some pointers. Thanks to dundee222 for giving me some already on my other thread on the tractor itself!

A member on the Deere forum did this retrofit already and I'm doing something similar to his but instead of clamping it directly on the drawbar with a plate, I'm going to use a clamp-on 2" receiver with a 2" square tube hitch on the plow to move it where I need it in relationship to the inner edge of the rear tire. This way I can move the receiver back to center for moving trailers or attaching other implements offset if needed - think of it as a universal tool bar of sorts.

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I threw the plow up on my workbench and leveled the beam horizontally and vertically and it looks like the landing setting is off as though to steer the plow towards the left rear tire. There is no landing adjustment so I checked it out a little closer and it appears that the two pieces of the frog were broken apart and welded back together sometime in the past. The moldboard wing of the frog has a big overlap over the landslide wing and caused the landslide to not sit flat against the frog (notice gradually increasing gap between the two the below pics).

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I figured I'd rather fix it now than attempt plowing with it as-is and risk fighting it the whole time so I blasted it apart and took it to work for sandblasting and surface finishing.

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Am I chasing something that isn't a problem? Has anyone ever added a landing adjustment to a plow that's never had it?

Thanks all!
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I think paint is a little premature here but maybe you'll get lucky. Once you get it dialed in and plowing true, you are going to have to weld the reciever tube solid to your 3 point drawbar. a plow can put a lot of sideways force on the tractor when it encounters a stone or root it would rather go around. Your clamp plate will not hold much when this happens.
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I have the all parts to adapt a plow too. Just trying to get it on my short list. Your build is making me jealous. lol
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ROCK ON! Are you plowing in high range? That would explain the relief valve opening.
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That would be a fair guess. Although, even with the valve adjusted to specs, it will open given enough traction. Don't expect the engine to die much, especially at full scream as the pump only uses about 10-12 hp. I have a full time gauge on my 446 and took second place amongst 15 tractors in a garden tractor pull here a couple of years ago [in the stock class]. With a gauge, you can pull until the pressure threatens to pop the valve, than back off some on the travel lever. The tall tires did the rest. The comments/questions I got afterwards was "Hey, Cases aren't supposed to pull worth a damm." The rule for 23" tall tires was put into place for the following year. LOL
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I used to have a Troy Built Horse for years. Made quite a few gardens out of lawn for people. Took a few passes though. Nice thing was, when I was done, the soil was ready to plant as the old sod was really chopped to nothing.
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