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190 Pto, front output

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Looking at the pictures in my 190 manuals, a front pto was avaliable. Handy in some situations, and something that I don't have. Anybody have a dimension for the keyed shaft and pulleys? I was thinking of line boring my axle pin and inserting bronze bushings, which I can buy for a few bucks at the local hardware store. Or, on the other hand, does anybody have a source on a good used setup with the axle pin?

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The only purpose for that PTO was to drive a snowblower, as far as I am aware. Even then, the PTO accepted a driveshaft that went between itself and the snowblower. i don't recall ever seeing a PTO for sale as a separate item. They came with the snowblower when new and the same usually holds true today. Nonetheless, I'm sure that one of our members will be able to provide you with the dimensions you seek.
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