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2 more questions

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I noticed there is a rivit missing from one of my motor mounts. Where do I get one from? I could not find 3/4" id hose to replace the hydrolic hose. I got a piece of 5/8" id hose but I have to heat it to get it on. Will this cause any issue if I use the 5/8ths?
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Any half decent hydraulics shop will have 3/4" suction or low pressure hydraulic hose. Do not use undersize hose anywhere in the system.

There's nothing special about the rivets used to secure the rubber isolator pads other than they are steel, not aluminum or some other soft metal. You can use machine screws with lock-nuts if you wish. Perhaps Home Depot, Lowe's or Ace will have steel rivets in stock but you will need a rivet gun to apply them.
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