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Welp. I bought a 4120 with mower. Snowblower. Wheel weights n chains and a new set of blades along with all the manuals and literature and a small kart.

I probably should have done my research before buying.
I believe it could be a strong and useful model and like what I’ve used it for so far but when something goes I gotta feeling I’m gonna get boned hard since this is only a two year model run. I’m finding just how scarce and rare attachments and parts are for this beast.
The more I read the more I pray a hydraulic pump or motor doesn’t fail

A few questions if I may.
1: Does every attachment have to be this model specific? I thought I read somewhere that the log splitter need not be.
Also what would I have to purchase to run a splitter off the back of this or even if I wanted to have it lift a blade up n down.
what should I be looking out for?
As of now I have three hoses coming out the back and that’s it

2: Are there ANY parts that are interchangeable with ANY other models?
IE: can I buy a trashed 200,400,600 or something else and salvage parts?

Am I correct in thinking that it’s the model line and all implements that are going to kill me? The motor if it puked could be swapped out with pretty much anything right?
Thanks guys.
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Don't get to nervous with the 4120 yet. They were a limited run, hydraulic issues and costs, caused Ingersoll to not continue the line.
The hydraulic motors used were proprietary and expensive. They are no longer available. The mower deck seems to be the biggest trouble. Always start and stop attachment from idle speed. There is help available here.

1. Case/Ingersoll splitter and tillers may be used on the AH tractors. The splitter will cycle a little faster. The tiller uses a low speed motor so you get a little more rpm.
The Case Ingersoll splitters do come up for sale, they usually are pricey. A regular log splitter with an open center valve could be hooked to hydraulic pto on your tractor.

The attachments with high speed hydraulic motors are where you need to be careful, the higher hydraulic flow of the AH tractor can over speed the attachment. Some of the attachments (hydra cutter, three point finish mower) used the same hydraulic motor in both the standard and AH attachments, they just changed pulley size to compensate.

The HH34 three point hitch would be the best for running rear attachments. It taps into the lift circuit.

2. Not much from a three digit tractor is interchangeable with a four digit. Sheet metal/ body parts would interchange with a 40xx series, but not much in the hydraulics.

Parts are still available, just have to work a little harder. Bill, Bob, and Brian, our dealers here are the place to start, then search web, like evil bay, and do a post of what you're looking for in the buy/sell/trade section. You can swap a different engine in if it comes to that.

I bought my 4118 new 1993, has 1260 hours now, almost 50 hours of mowing this year. The deck motor has been my only major issue, and think we're going to get that figured out too.

Take things one step at a time. Enjoy

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Old posts and discussions on motors, etc Ingersoll/Massey Ferguson Hydracutter and

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For what it worth, I have a 4118, had a 4120, which was the first all hydrolic tractor I got, Paul and I replaced all the power steering hoses on it, I used it only for snow, The Hydrolic work great in my opinion. When I got the 4120, it came with a 5 foot deck and a Log Splitter (the on mounted on wheels). I had to find a snowblower, I got lucky and pick one up.

The 4118 came with a 3 point dump bucket, Plow, a hh34 3 point hitch with a 4 foot 3point deck hydrolic deck, and a tiller, I don't cut grass with case I use zero turn. I just got it for the 3 point hitch. Note the 4210 came with a 5 foot hydrolic deck; but no 3point or rear Hydrolic's.

Paul and I took a regular snow blower and put a hydrolic motor on it, below is a picture, Tried to insert a small video of it running, but for what ever reason I can't.
It does work.
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