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The serial number is 9674547, which i believe makes her a 73 model. Is the color right for a 73 year model? I have been told it should have been the yellow and red. I don't know too much about Case, yet. Thanks, guys.

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NutCASE said:
Ya buddy I have a 73 as well. Does yours have the T handle for the pto? I am getting my engine redone...and am stopping by the machine shop tomorrow hopefully to get my block...

The 73 is a cool machine...although the hood on yours has decals from the mid-late 70's on it.

The 224 is an awesome tractor you're gonna LOVE it!
either you are speed-reading again or you need the prescription for your glasses changed. :lol: :lol: :lol:

He has a 83...... not a 73.
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