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222 Alternate S/G drive belt

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Tractor Model: Case 222
Year: 1973
Engine Model: Original Kohler K301A
Engine Spec: 47529d

When I first purchased my 222 I replaced several parts that needed replacing. One item was the S/G drive belt. By replacing the belt with the correct Case PN #C14345 directly from Ingersoll I thought I'd have more room for adjustments in the future. Well, needless to say I don't. The new belt leaves no room for adjustments and I've put up with the vibration of this new belt long enough. What I mean by no adjustment is the S/G is already adjusted out to the end of the S/G adjustment braket - no more room to move outward and tighten the belt.

I know there was a discussion on another forum some time ago now regarding a shorter replacement belt (I thought) but I'm not finding it. Has anyone else had the issue of an OEM S/G drive belt being too long to not allow any tightening of the belt? Does anyone have a suggestion to which S/G drive belt I can use in order to have some adjust capabilities?

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The belt guide calls for a 3/8 x 35" belt, if I recall correctly.
The Case # crosses to 3L340W (NAPA #). 3L340 is a general belt number.
Billygoat said:
The Case # crosses to 3L340W (NAPA #). 3L340 is a general belt number.
Thank you Billygoat for the cross ref. on the belt. I'll stop by NAPA soon and check it out.
Have you tried Tractor Supply? They have belts in various widths and lengths in one inch increments. they're a coule bucks cheaper than NAPA but i dont know about the quality.
I use the tractor supply (BLUE) ones on my mower because they are Kevlar. They work great, and are cheap and easily sourced.
Don't know about the regular TSC belts, as my factory belt is still on my S/G so no need to try yet.
I'd just take the old belt to TSC and get the next smaller size. If that doesn't do it TSC will let you exchange it for another size.
Thanks a lot guys for the input. Bart, I don't have a TSC here in Colorado but a couple stores that are similar I'll take a look there as well.

old abe - I know some really like the Blue Kevlar belts. A mower tractor I purchase a few years ago now had the Blue Kevlar belts on it - both on the front PTO and inside the deck for the secondary belt. The PO told me they were new belts and they did look pretty good on the surface. However, they quickly went to pieces. I don't think I'll be usin' any of those belts on any of my tractors. I had a bad first impression. You used the word "cheap" in your post to describe the Kevlar belts. Apparently, for me anyway, the saying "You get what you pay for" rings true once again.

I guess the reason I brought this up to the forum was because not all belts are created the same. My primary concern was the degree of bevel on an off brand (non OEM) belt matching the OEM belt. As Bart had mentioned I guess I just take the OEM belt to the store and hope I can match the width, thickness, and bevel as close as possible.

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The belt in question has far less stress than those used off the front PTO so just about any belt of the correct size should work.
I've used Napa and Gates belts for many years now. Gates were used on the old farm since I could remember. I wouldn't call Gates an off brand by any means. The "3L" profile should be the same on any reputable brand of belt. I have seen some that flare out a little at the top,(looks like an aircraft carrier as viewed from the front). I haven't used them so I can't comment on their quality. I buy Gates almost exclusively at work and they do very well in a sometimes harsh environment. I wonder who actually made/makes the belts for Case/Ingersoll. For S/G application, A Napa belt will serve you well.
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