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224 Abrubt Engine Quit

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I have a 14 hp K321AS on my 224 and I got it out started right up was doing some work but know it dies when I run it for a little while but then it starts right back up, any thoughts? It never did this before, Has been stored all winter in garage started once a month and had sta-bul in it

Thanks Jason
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I dont know what a little while is. But would check for good connections to the coil and the float needle
After you put Sta-bil in the tank, did you run the tractor again to pull the treated fuel into the carb?

Is it possible that that something is floating around inside your fuel tank and blocking the fuel when suction from the pump pulls it there?

Is the vent in the gas cap blocked and creating a vacuum in the fuel tank?

Is the ignition coil overheating and failing to produce a strong spark until it cools down again?

Is your fuel pump just weak and can't keep up with the demand from the carb?

Is the fuel screen in your tank blocked to the point where it is starving the fuel pump?

Is your fuel line so old that it is now porous and letting air pass through it?

Do you have an inline fuel filter that is blocked?

Is your hardened fuel line not sealing tightly at the ends where it is clamped on?

Is the float or needle/seat sticking inside the carb?
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Had a similar problem on my M12. I replaced the filter and the gas cap to no avail. Ended up being the fuel pump. Unfortunately, I couldn't seem to find a rebuild kit so I had to buy a new one. Ended up with one off eBay for about 40 bucks. An OEM is north of 100 I think.
The fuel pump isn't that much. The one for the Onan is part of the carb rebuild kit and is right around $50.
One thing I forgot to mention is that all lines and filters are new and I ran the tractor after I put the fuel stabalizer in the tank and started it once a month over the winter which was not even cold this year. Also I notice this stalling happened when I turn to go back up my driveway (hill) like it is starved of fuel, I would say fuel pump. Thank You all for your advise I will look in to all of the ideas you have offered.

My 195 just pulled this stunt at the last snow storm in the middle of the road. Fuel pump check valves got stuck. I took the line off the pump and put it on the carb and away we went.
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