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I've been salivating all afternoon over the drawings/instructions for building your own 3-pt hitch.

Surplus Center has a cylinder that could be pretty close to the standard for 40 bucks.
(I think you'd have to lengthen arms that attach to the upper end of the cylinder: by about 1.5" if I'm thinking correctly...)

I thought I had a brilliant idea: instead of installing an extra spool valve for the 3-pt lift, or instead of installing diverter valves to direct the pressure from the main lift cylinder to the rear cylinder, I thought to myself, "what if I just put a tee in the line(s) going to the main lift cylinder... then the same control lever would just operate both cylinders..."

So I got looking at the parts manual to see what tee/fittings I'd need. And there in the manual, the 3-pt cylinder connects to the spool valve by way of a couple tee's. So it looks to me like that's exactly what the factory method is: the main lift control operates both the front and rear lift cylinders.

So those of you who have the 3 pt lift, is that how it works? Or am I hallucinating?

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Three-point hitches were either installed at the factory per special order by the dealer or they were sold as kit that could be installed by the dealer or the tractor owner.

The kit included the complete hitch along with the adjustable top link, the hydraulic lines and the two Tee fittings that allowed the hitch to connect to the exact same work ports on the lift valve that the center lift cylinder is hooked to.

So sorry have to tell you that your idea is not original. What is also not original is the idea to install a three-port selector valve that will allow the owner to decide which cylinder he or she wanted to operate while isolating the other one. In other words, you could drive around raising and lowering your mowing deck while carrying your rototiller in the air on the 3 pt hitch. Or.....if you were too lazy to remove your deck, you could lift it up...switch the selector valve to 3 pt and go rototilling.

The Tee fittings are not an easy find but our resident Ingersoll dealer Brian Hildreth keeps them in stock and will mail them to you in exchange for legal currency.
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