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I've been salivating all afternoon over the drawings/instructions for building your own 3-pt hitch.

Surplus Center has a cylinder that could be pretty close to the standard for 40 bucks.
(I think you'd have to lengthen arms that attach to the upper end of the cylinder: by about 1.5" if I'm thinking correctly...)

I thought I had a brilliant idea: instead of installing an extra spool valve for the 3-pt lift, or instead of installing diverter valves to direct the pressure from the main lift cylinder to the rear cylinder, I thought to myself, "what if I just put a tee in the line(s) going to the main lift cylinder... then the same control lever would just operate both cylinders..."

So I got looking at the parts manual to see what tee/fittings I'd need. And there in the manual, the 3-pt cylinder connects to the spool valve by way of a couple tee's. So it looks to me like that's exactly what the factory method is: the main lift control operates both the front and rear lift cylinders.

So those of you who have the 3 pt lift, is that how it works? Or am I hallucinating?

Thanks in advance,

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