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Unfortunately you gotta do what the manual sez!! But first check the ignition module per the manual to make sure that it has actually failed.
On a 3000 or 4000 series machine you need to remove the engine from the tractor!!!
There is also a trigger ring that contains a magnet and is keyed to the flywheel key and I would replace it also along with the flywheel key.
Not far from the coil under the air filter housing is a condenser that is connected to the coil. This condenser is a vital part of the spark triggering system and works much the same as the condenser in a breaker point ignition system. I have had to replace this condenser on several P series Onan engines as it caused spark problems. This is much easier to do than replacing the ignition module and could be your problem. :headscratcher:
If you do need to remove the flywheel and replace the module, while you are there, clean the crud from the cooling fins around the cylinders.
Bob MacGregor in CT :think:
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