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400 Series with Loader Installed on Maine CL

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Here is a Case/Ingersoll 446 that has a loader installed on Maine Craigslist:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
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That looks like a nice clean unit in the photo..

When I see a listing like that, the following question springs to mind.

Given the choice between spending 2500 clams for that unit or the same amount for a 648, which unit would be the better bang for the buck? Both will accept a rear PTO and a 3 point hitch. You can mount a deck on both.

One is a purpose built integrated FEL engineered by the same guys that made the award-winning 580 Case loader/backhoe and the other is a garden tractor with a loader mounted on it.

One will lift 600 pounds and has power steering, a heavy duty front axle, spindles, rims and tires and the other will lift 350 pounds, no power steering and an axle/spindles/rins/tires best suited for garden tractor work.

Tough choice, I know but it often has to be made.
well Toms post should about answer anyones questions as to weather or not its worth the money or not (bang for buck). I would personally go for a 600 series myself because I know it will work as intended. Im not saying that the tractor in the ad was built by someone who dont know what they are doing but its a huge gamble with something that is "homemade". I have seen three 600 series tractors on CL in the New England area and they were all priced in the $1,000 to $1600 range. Add a deck and you are good to go IF you need it to cut grass but I doubt many 600 series owners cut grass with their machines.
CASE 220/4 said:
I like this one, better pictures and only 200 more. :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:

600 series tractors must be much more plentiful on the east coast, it's very rare to see one in Ohio. If three in that price range had come up for sale in Ohio, there would be more horses to feed in my barn :mrgreen:
What about foot control-do all stock loaders have this? Seems like controlling the loader and motion at the same time would be tough? I have to say it's an attractive looking machine. Best Regards, Rich,
CASE 220/4 said:
More pics,AND more price.

Maynard :canada:
There are lot of little things wrong. The bucket looks like it has a downward bow. From the front the loader frame looks off center. There are two different rear tires. My experiance has been that no 2 brands of tire are the exact same height which will make the bucket hit on one side first.
There are times when blowing snow that I wish I had 3 hands. I would think that this would be necessary with this machine. I've run many types of loader and usually you are controling travel with your feet (or in the case of some skid steers, control the loader with youf feet). It is a decent job though. I can't tell if it is completely home made or a modified Johnson loader. Gregg
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