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A very nice package at a totally unrealistic price.

On the outside, he has a a tiller worth $450.00, a snowcaster worth $400.00 and a Hydra-Vac worth $900.00. At most, the tractor with deck and PTO is worth $3000.00. The fancy seat is worth ZERO. He put that there for his own comfort but no one should be expected to compensate him for that decision. The tractor is worth what it's worth, even when it has a new engine installed. Once again, you don't put in a new engine and expect someone to pay you what you paid.

Package deals always sell for less than what the individual components will bring in a free market place. Even though I have indicated a value of $4750.00, I truly believe that he will be hard pressed to get that much as a package. I'm thinking $3500.00 to $3800.00.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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