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I just got the transaxle apart and the 4 bolts are good. It is the brake idler gear. All the other gears look good no chipped teeth, only a couple of loose chips laying in the bottom. Called the dealer and he has a new gear it is $93.00. There is 20 and a 25 dregree tooth gear. Part numbers from a 220 or a 644 are different than the 4016. I have a PIN # 14128782.
Once I get the replacment gear I will take everything out of the housing and clean it good.
While it is apart should I replace the 4 bolts?


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I'm not going to tell you how to spend your money but i will tell the following.

- this is the first time I have ever heard of a gear failure in a post 68 Case/Ingersoll tractor. I suspect a defective gear.

- you can probably find the needed gear for a whole lot less money from a member right here on the forum....if you can afford the downtime. I suggest that you post a new thread with the subject line . "Trans-axle gear needed". As I said before, find the parts book for your tractor and find the part number for the gear. Anyone offering you a gear should tell you the model and serial number so you can verify that it is the same part number.

- I doubt that there is a need to replace the four bolts but since you have it all apart.. why not? IF you have a local CAT dealer, then source the bolts from them. CAT is very particular about the fasteners they use and will only buy from sources that have proven consistent quality control for strength and thread accuracy.
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