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So I am also having trouble getting my sleeve hitch from a 1981 446 (serial number 14010996) to connect to my 1990 4020.

I've read this thread:

and it appears that the K24 should fit my 4020 since it is serial number 14142057. Similar to the quoted thread, it should be the K24 because there doesn't appear to be another sleeve hitch that would have fit that tractor.

My problem of course is that the left hand bracket is much too large. I guess my question is why doesn't it fit if my serial number falls into the correct range for the K24? Does anyone have the exact specs for the C25789 so I can have one made? That should be the correct bracket, right, since I do not have webbed axles (see pictures).

I've included a few pictures (of the 4020), is it correct that the lift level extension plate is touching the foot peg? I have it in hole 3, is that correct?



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