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I just bought my second CASE Lawn tractor (a 442). only bought the first one was a week ago (a 210). Here's my concern. The 210 needed a battery, no problem. Replaced it without concern. Starts, runs, charges A-OK!
Here's the catch. Hardly get the first one home (wife is aware of this one) and a guy that I had tried to purchase a tractor from earlier calls me and basically drops a 442 with 5 implements in my lap. ( Thank You )
It also need a battery... He warns me that this tractor is + Positive Ground, be careful! Makes me curious! He states "It was like that when he bought it in 86 or 87??
I check and verified the + Positive battery terminal is attached directly to the engine block. Wow, + Positive Grounded!!
I join this site and found no info/signs of a Case of this vintage ever being + Positive ground. Being that I'm an old car guy I did some research... Figured if J I Case wanted it - ground I could make it - ground!
So, here goes, step by step...
Replaced the failed battery. Attaching "Only the battery - negative terminal to the engine block/chassis"! ( Like we all expect for a modern - Negative ground).
The + Positive was left Disconnected until the end.
I disconnected the "Field" circuit from the generator/starter assy. ( smaller terminal ).
Using a 14ga jumper wire, I attached one end of it to the + positive battery terminal. I touched the other end to the field terminal of the gen/starter assy momentarily! ( Just a touch is needed ) Noted a initial "small" spark. Disconnected the jumper as it had done its job. Then I reattached the Field wire to the gen/starter and attached the positive cable from the + Positive battery terminal to the starter relay.
The Tractor now seems to crank faster, run smoother!
Term for reversing polarity of the gen/starter is Repolarization. Who knew ?!?
WARNING! This is only useful for systems with a one unit generator/starter
Do Not Attempt any of this on a system with a Starter and separate Alternator!!! You'll burn something up!I
Happy Tinkering!
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