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I bought a Case 442 with the Demonstrator label on the hood and black paint with silver stripes on the fenders.
The previous owner says its been in his yard for 10 years. The 12 hp Kohler was taken apart and stored in a milk
crate indoors. Did not get the serial number off the tractor but its a snap hitch frame. Its been outside and weather has taken
a toll on it, but the controls work freely, trans shifts into high low and nuetral and it rolls fine. Some missing parts
on it, has one Speaker 777 glass lens and housing in it and just the metal bucket for the other light. Does have
a hydraulic lift cyclinder.
I originally bought it for parts but knowing its a demonstrator black night model i am reluctant to use parts off it.
I am really more interested in a working tractor than restoring one for shows etc.
I have not seen any reference to a 442 Demonstator model, usually 444s or 446 models.
What can anyone tell me about it and suggestions on how to proceed. I would rather it go to some one to save it.
No pics right now my camera is dead.
Thanks, Jim

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The Demonstrator program began in 1971, which is the year of your 442 and 1971 is also the last year for the 442. Dealers could order any model they wished to in Demonstrator trim. No Demonstrator should be parted out as they are a piece of history and are worth preserving. If restoration is not what you like to do, then putting this tractor into the hands of someone who will take the time and spend the money to bring it back to what it looked like when it left the factory is the honourable thing to do.

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