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444 brake drum

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Slowly but surely working my way thru fixing up mechanical stuff on my '74-444. Last major thing to tackle is the transaxle. My problem is the brake drum has worn a groove into the frame. Also the lining on the parking brake was riding on the right hand side of the drum. Only about half the lining would actually make contact. So far it seems as if the locking ring on the drum shaft is in place, but even if not, it wouldn't cause this problem. First, I think the parking brake wasn't installed correctly, and the PO had driven it with the brake adjusted too tight looking at the wear on it. I am thinking this may have helped push the drum into the frame. Also measuring the distance from the end of the shaft on my '76-444, it has about 3/16" from end of shaft to drum. The '74-444 has a tad over 3/8".I don't know if this is normal or part of the problem. Any body have any suggestions on this? Thanks in advance for any help here.
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FWIW, many posters ( myself included) have found the drum itself to be out of square with the shaft.
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