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444 hydraulic leak in under battery tank/hose from tank.

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I have a substantial leak off of my hydraulic tank. I'm narrowing it down at the moment. I'm seeing a good drip where the hose clamps on at the bottom. Any pointers for accessing that area? Any good sources for replacement hoses?
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It might be just a loose clamp or perhaps the J-hose has finally given up the ghost after all these years. There is but one source for a new J-hose and that is the Ingersoll dealer. Contact Brian Hildreth and he will mail one to you.

I recommend that you remove the engine. It's not that big a deal to pull the Kohler and you will be glad that you did so. With the engine out of the chassis, it will give you access to the hose plus you just may discover all kinds of voodoo hiding in there just waiting to cause you problems shortly.
yeah like the vibration issue which is the root of all this oddness
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