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444 Mower Deck Mounting/Lift Question

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So I finally got around to mounting the J46 (79) deck onto my '72 444 last night. Attachment points (pins supplied and through holes) seem pretty worn out and I plan to install bolts and spring washer tomorrow but wanted to 'get to know' the deck install before changing much. One thing I noticed is that the RH lift link is the offset one for a 446 so I need to get one of those.

At first the front lower edge of the deck was only about a half inch off the garage floor. I adjusted the levelers to bring it up (had to move it quite a bit probably because all the mounting points are so loose)and pretty close to the 'eye'. I think that will no longer be an issue once a couple of key mounting pins are replaced with bolts, washers, and spring washers.

One problem is when the lift is all the way up the deck isnt lifted. Still have a little bit of lift link slot left. This should improve when the mounting points are tightened up. Anyone know how far off the ground the gage wheels should be when at full lift position and deck height at 3 1/2" (highest setting)?

The second problem is that I put on a TSC belt (1/2" @ 70" length - manual calls for just a tad under 70") but when I adjust the tensioner the spring reaches the 1/8" gaps pretty quickly and the "swing arm" of the mule drive is still pretty much in a 'foward' position. The manuals on this site all show this "swing arm" in a nearly vertical position with maybe only 1" of threaded adjustor rod left. Looks Like I may need to pick up a belt that is a couple of inches longer or is it OK to rund the "swing arm" in a position I tried to decribe?
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Nut and Bolt in the deck hangers will pull the deck up higher. (just makes the cutout smaller)
be ready for a "shoulda got an OEM belt" comments too. Not sure what size I used, but mine works well.
Another possibility is the spring might be getting tired.
Use your hand to check the tension on the belt and if it feels fairly tight then I wouldn't worry about the position of the tensioning rod or pulley.
Thanks guys. Figured I'd give the TSC belt try first cause I had the feeling I was going to trash it before I had everything finished up good.
looks like i wasnt clear though...I am running the TSC blue belt.
Yep. Mine is blue and Kevlar. I didnt verify the length of it just assumed it matched what the 'package' said. I'll keep the $14 belt on it until I get all the bugs worked out of it. My guess is it will last a long time though.
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