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444 muffler question

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Is there anyone out there that can provide me with either a close up photo or measurements for the ORIGINAL style muffler for my tractor? It is a 73 444.Should it be the small peanut muffler or is it a longer oval shaped muffler.I need to get started making my muffler and need to know the right one to make.Of all the photos I have seen,I still am not sure.I want to do it right the first time.Thanks,Richie
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If it's determined that the oval is correct, I can provide photos and measurements if you need them. Gotta do the measurements so I can build a replacement for my 74-444 anyway. Planned on talking to a muffler shop to see if pipe could be made by them. Years ago, I did exhaust systems and each exhaust system had a series of cards with the bending info. so the fabricator could set up and get it bent in a short amount of time. I was going to see if it's still done that way and have a card made up and posted here so anyone can take the info to a muffler shop and have a pipe bent.
OK...... I could just tell you which muffler is correct but I am here to teach you HOW to find this out on your own. Get the serial number from your tractor. Go to the Library/ Parts Manuals/Kohler Powered and find the correct Parts Manual for your tractor. The correct muffler is shown in the first few pages. This is WHY we put that Library together. It allows members to immediately get ACCURATE information about their tractor. The PIN is the key to getting to the correct Parts Manual. There are model years where two different Parts Manuals apply.

If you are going to the trouble to make your own muffler (and who can blame you) then go with 100 percent stainless steel and put all of your exhaust system problems behind you once and for all. I hope that you will take photos and put them in a thread in the Workshop forum so that others can learn from your project. :thumbsup:
Now that I have educated myself and verified I need the oval shaped muffler,can I please get some dimensions.I cannot go by the parts drawing although with some photos I could get close by using the tractors lines,frame,aircleaner etc as guides to length and height.But.... how wide is it? :headscratcher:
Thank you for making the effort to pinpoint which muffler you need. If no one steps up between now and when I leave tomorrow AM, I will measure the muffler on one of my tractors and post those dimensions in this thread sometime tomorrow evening. :thumbsup:
Thank you very much.I guess when I looked it up the first time I got the wrong manual.I thought the link was on top of the pin numbers and I guess they are below :facepalm: .Anyways I know now.I appreciate the help. :headscratcher:
Haven't measured mine yet. Talked to my "exhaust guy" though. Unfortunately, the smallest pipe he's set up to bend is 1 1/2". :sad: I'll take measurements on mine and compare them to Tom's measurements. They should be pretty close though. If i was still in N.C., I could find Instrument guys to bend the pipe though. I don't know any in this area. Gonna check with the engineers at work, maybe they know someone that does that type of work. :thumbup:
We have a guy here in town that bends small tube but not sure what is the smallest size he can do.What is the proper size tube?If he can make me one,Ill have him make his card(he has a whole box full of cards for different vehicles) and pop out a few.Thanks again for the help,Richie
Most exhaust shops around here,don't/can't bend pipe that small.I don't know about where you are.

Maynard :canada:
He bent the pipe for the nasty stack my dad put on it so if i have to i will go with that size pipe.Just want it close to what should be on there.
The length of the muffler is eleven inches.

It is seven inches high.

It is 3 1/8" inches thick.

The inlet enters at the bottom of the muffler and the tailpipe exits at the top.
Just finished measuring mine. Pretty close to Hydriv's. I measured 10 7/8" long, 7" high, 3" wide. Pipe measured 1 3/8" O.D. When forming the body, the radius top and bottom is 1 1/16" (2 1/8" dia. O.D. pipe will work.) Centerline of inlet is 1 1/2" from bottom measured from outside edge. Outlet centerline is 1 1/2" from top. The end caps are setback 1/2" from outside edge. Internal baffle is 5 5/8" from front outside edge. The inlet pipe stops about 1/4" from baffle plate and has a plug in the end. I will cut apart tomorrow to get more information on inlet and outlet pipes. Stuff like how many and what size holes are in each and the internal lengths.
A big thank you to you also.This will help me get started.Ill start collecting metal.I have a friend that works magic with stainless :thumbsup:
Round 2 on the measurements. Outlet: Extends 9 1/2" inside the body, through the baffle plate. The end past the baffle is plugged and has (28) 7/32" holes randomly drilled in it between the end and the baffle. 2 1/2" from the baffle towards the outlet, it has another plug. There are (34) 7/32" holes randomly drilled between the baffle and the plug. It has (22) more 7/32" holes randomly drilled between the plug and the outlet end plate. I have no information on the outlet pipe past the end plate, mine has rotted off and is missing. If anybody has that information to share, it would be appreciated. On the inlet side: The pipe extends in to about 5/16" from the baffle and is plugged at the end. There is a hole in the baffle the size of the pipe for exhaust flow. The inlet pipe has (45) 7/32" holes randomly drilled in it. The "pipes" inside the body appear to just be sheet metal formed to be a cylinder and the seams are not welded. Also the 1 3/8" pipe from the engine is a separate piece slipped inside the internal pipe and is welded in place. I found a piece of 1 1/2" O.D. stainless tubing that seems like a good size to build the internal pipes from. Matches the O.D. of existing well. With no open seam to pass exhaust through, more holes may be needed to increase efficiency. The holes drilled in the internal pipes look like they hired Jr. high school kids to make these for them.
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Boy is my head spinning after that one.I have to start drawing this out so I can get and idea what I am up against.It may take a while but I'll get one done.Thanks again.
Probably took me longer to type that out than what it will take you to make it. :sidelaugh: :sidelaugh:
I appreciate all the effort you guys made to get the measurements.I am drawing out some patterns and hope to get started here soon.I can only assume that since you got all the inner measrements of the baffles that your muffler is cut open to where you can see all of it.Any possibility of getting a picture?Would help clear up the ringing in my head after your last post :sidelaugh: Thanks again,Richie
Ritchie- PM sent. Also, I gave a bad measurement. The outlet pipe is 1 3/8" O.D. not 1 1/2". Need to read my notes better. As far as the outlet tip past the body, I guess one could study pics of good mufflers to fabricate for a true restoration. I'm just adding 4" to the 9 1/2" piece for a total of 13 1/2" then cutting the end at a 30 degree angle. Being that I have 1 1/2" tubing I will probably use that for mine instead of 1 3/8" on the outlet.

A couple of pics. An original style outlet pipe looks as if it can be made from a mandrel bent 90 deg. piece of tubing. The parts manual photos show the end pretty good. I just don't know how far the end is past the body of the muffler. Maybe someone can help here.
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