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446 2 hours away. Just can't decide.

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First, I don't need it at all! A 446 with engine problems. Runs on one cylinder. BUT, it has a mowing deck, hydralic tiller. PTO, and a 54 inch blade with it for $950 firm. I've looked at the pics, and it looks decent. I can't decide to make a four hour round trip, or just freaking forget it, and finsh the 5 I have. I don't have a 446. Screw it I'm going to look tomorrow. Just needed to talk myself into it. I think I'll sell the smaller 220, 222, and 224. Keep the 3016, 448, and buy the 446. This is a wasted post just to blather. Sorry. :headscratcher:
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Bob, It should also either have a sleeve hitch or 3pt which are always nice. Gregg
Nutcase446 said:
Bob, It should also either have a sleeve hitch or 3pt which are always nice. Gregg
You are right, It has a 3 point with the sleeve hitch adapter. Forgot that.
Offer him $800.00 cash on spot. Good deal for that kind of money.
I isn't a wasted post if talking it out helps you.

Maynard :canada:
When in a situation similar what I do is - if I have the $ and can't decide I go for it there are just to many accessories here to let this one go, if the 446 is to costly to repair worst case scenario is you keep it for your own parts source or part it to recoupe your costs.
Bob: The three point, sleeve hitch adaptor, tiller, rear PTO and blade alone add up to a fair amount of value. Doesn't sound like you can go wrong provided everything is in at least decent shape. :trink: :222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Just buy it!

Even if it's running on one cylinder there's a chance that it could be something simple. Mine was running on 1 cylinder when I bought it and so was Brads.

You never know...

Either way even if the engine is shot you'll be able to get your money out of it.
case_222 said:
Bob where do you live?
if you were closer i would have bought one of the small wheel
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