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I just threw up a little! I paid 1700 last November for a mid-70's 444, not in that condition, with similar, but smaller, attachments and sleeve vs. 3 pt hitch. Somehow, I know that this is God's way of reminding me that "patience is a virtue." It appears from the pics that the mower deck was the only thing that saw a lot of use. I am going to be greatly disappointed if some member here doesn't get this package.

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screamineagle66 said:
Another question: Is the Linamar an exceptional engine ? They seem to be thought of highly around here.

Hey SE66: My understanding is that it is essentially the Onan, made in Canada. In fact, my 770 Linamar 18HP engine manual cross references the relevant 18hp Onan model. That is my understanding, but if this is not true someone should correct me.
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When Onan itself, decided to stop making these engines themselves; they shipped all of the tooling used to make the engines to Linamar Corp in Guelph, Ontario, Canada and production resumed.

As the completed engines came down the assembly line, some of them received Onan identification and some of them received Linamar identification. If you paint a Kohler K engine red and put it in a Wheelhorse and then you paint the next one black so it can be installed in Sears and the next one is yellow to go in a Cub Cadet.....are the engines actually different other than the color? The answer is no, providing the spec number is the same.

Onan or Linamar ??? Woodchuck or Groundhog? Mountain lion or Cougar? Exact same thing....different name.

Linamar continued to produce engines bearing both brands right up until the axe fell, thanks to environmental standards being tightened up to the point that could not be met. Then they ran a supply of finished shortblock engines, spare parts and called it a day. The tooling was then shipped back to the USA, presumably to Cummins. Linamar continues to build engines today but not Onan style.
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