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446 and Snow Caster. Sorry no pics.

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I used my tractor and Caster on Tuesday. 446 with a P218 transplant. I had to nibble at the wet snow, kind of pissed me off. I got out the 224 with the 54 inch blade and pushed a little, it did NOT like that heavy snow. Back on the 446 and had to baby the snow. Went to the garage and checked the clutch adjustment, all OK there. Still stopped the snow caster in a full head on bite of the wet stuff. Worked it slow and steady and cleared the main portion of the drive. Today went into town and stopped at TSC. Got a 5/8 wide belt to put on the front clutch/PTO drive and WOW what a beast again. I cleaned the rest of the drive and even cleaned up all the piles where the 224 had pushed in into a wall. I believe this is the first time I have ever heard the Gov kick in on the 446. It stopped for nothing, to the point of almost stalling the engine, and absolutely NO slippage.
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I think that you might have a tensioning problem. Perhaps the spring is stretched somewhat and the wider belt made the difference. I would also check the tensioning pulley to make sure the lever it is mounted to moves like warm butter. The other possibility could be a glazed drive belt and some glazing on the driven pulley. Just because it's working OK now is no reason to not get to the heart of why it wasn't working with the old belt. :thumbsup:
Hydriv said:
Just because it's working OK now is no reason to not get to the heart of why it wasn't working with the old belt. :thumbsup:
The old belt was 1/2 inch wide one and rode way down in the pulley. I had the recommended length, but possibly could have gotten by with maybe a 1 inch shorter 1/2 inch one. I know the tension arm was right up next to the mule bracket. All the idlers and pulleys have new bearings or pulleys have been replaced. I switched both my mower decks over to 5/8 belts last year too and it made a world of difference, at least on my machines. I'm just glad it is finally working on my tractor like all of you guys have been reporting for yours.
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