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That's the sort of ad you want, if you are seriously looking for a 400 series tractor.

Forget the fact that there are no photos.

Stop what you are doing, make contact with the Seller, get directions to his home, put the trailer onto your car, put $450.00 in cash in your pocket and get your ass to his place as quickly as the speed limit will allow you to.

Haggle.......but don't leave without that 448 loaded onto your trailer. If the engine doesn't smoke, then it's smokin' deal just the same.

Those who sit back, think about it, say that they'll go see it on the weekend etc will be on this list crying that someone scooped it out from under them. Boo hoo..... if you THINK you see a $100.00 bill laying in the bushes, you RUN over and check it out instantly. You don't stand on the sidewalk and debate with two other passer-byes whether it's a one dollar bill or a one hundred dollar bill.

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I agree. I have made contact with the seller. It turns out it is a 446.
I would grab that in a heart beat, however Bushboneyard will probably beat me to the sellers house. :facepalm:
Go get that thing dude !!!! You are alot closer than I am, and the seller said someone is coming from Pine Bush.
I hope it is you. :thumbup:
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