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The 446 Onan 16 started to run really rough after it's last fill, backfiring, smoking, cool flames out muffler etc, so it must be some bad gas right? :sidelaugh:

Being as smart as I am, drained the tank, flushed the system, replaced plugs , gap points, refill with new treated gas and fired it up and all was good, for about 2 minutes and same thing again :mad: , tried adjusting the carb still nothing, so now I'm going to clean needle valves, removed the the main and found the o ring was broken in half, installed a new one, and needless to say it's like brand new again. The sad part is I know better, always look for the little things first, but not this time :think:

P.S. Does anyone else get Onan parts from Sears? I ordered a bunch of stuff cheap, reed valves, gaskets , etc. compared to other sites
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