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After disassembling the valves during the tractor refresh I needed to make sure the relief settings were correct. I referred to the manual for specs and procedure. In addition I read posts from here to see what others experienced.

I’ve been taking my time at this and making it a week long project. At the beginning of the week I hooked up a pressure gauge to the travel control valve and started adjusting relief settings. The gauge is on a 4 foot hose. It’s messy getting the plug out and hose screwed in. I zip tied the gauge to a convenient location and did some pushing against a pea stone pile for travel circuit tests.

Removing the acorn nut covering the adjustment bolt required a 3/4” wrench and it was all I could do to loosen the bolt with the tips of my fingers. Replacing the nut is even harder, but I think I have the hang of it. It is in a very awkward spot…..

The relief screw for the travel circuit requires a 1/4” hex wrench, but the wrench would not fit. I used the timely tip idea to access the adjustment from the drivers side rear bolt hole on the 3 pt hitch.

I cut the elbow off a spare Allen wrench and welded it to a piece of 3/8” rod. With that I was able to engage the adjusting screw and precisely make adjustments in 1/4 turn increments.

My starting reading was 1500 PSI, where the tractor wheels stopped moving and I could hear the relief chatter. It took a total of 3 quarter turn adjustments to get to 2300 PSI. I am debating whether I should tempt fate and make one more tweak to get to the specified 2400 PSI. As it is, I can still stop the wheels and have it go to relief with an aggressive push into the pile, but I can get a full bucket without much argument.

Testing the lift circuit by bottoming the cylinders, I found that it was on the money at 1150 PSI.

For the loader reading I bottomed the curl cylinder. The loader appears to be running high at 1500 PSI. The manual states that it should be the same pressure as the lift circuit. I guess I should dial this back. What is at risk on the loader circuit? Hoses, cylinder seals and the valve o-rings?

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