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Hi troops,
Several days back I was removing some turf to make horseshoe courts. I was impressed that my 6018L was able to brake loose pieces of the turf, but as I was doing this, the travel pressure relief valve was lifting before I was able to get under some turf. As this tractor is a high time and previously poorly maintained machine and I don't have the correct hose lineup to connect my pressure gauge, I tightened the relief valve one full turn. I'm not sure if it increased the relief pressure any great amount.
As this tractor is a 6018L, Ingersoll had cut a hole and covered it with a plate to allow easy access to the relief valve. This doesn't help any of you that have older machines, but I suggest cutting an access hole carefully which makes this adjustment much easier to do. There are two aluminum washer/gaskets on the valve, one under the jam nut, the other under the cover nut. Check out the pics.:cool:
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