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648BH, need bucket forks, maybe use PO design?

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so of course I need forks for my 648BH and of course I don't have any money to do this. I've read a bunch of posts about folks using or copying the ll20 design which look really nice. I've also looked at the clamp on style but realize these have significant limitations and I'd rather not use them. a PO of my machine welded tabs to the interior of the bucket that seem like would make good receivers for forks. has anyone seen this before? any other ideas on how to get forks on here? I don't weld so that is not a current option. but seems like at some point it will be necessary to fully realize the potential of this tractor;)


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e them. a PO on my machine welded tabs to the interior of the bucket
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It might work.. Depends on what you plan to lift with "pallet forks" The main problems with bucket mounted forks is that they bear on the front cutting edge of the bucket and will over time make the bucket 'Smile' as it bows.

Forks on the bucket place the weight - load farther forward of the pivot point so you have less lift capacity.

You might take a look at this: Loader fork measurements and specs
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