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65 Colt restoration

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Well I started the restoration today,ordered a set of decals and took 65 pics,gotta start some place rite. I will be looking for the paint codes or where I can buy the paint. Thanks John (couple pics in my album)

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Perhaps Jim (oldcasecoltguy) will be kind enough to give you the paint codes and name of paint company that he has used in the past.
hemi said:
I am in need of a carb for the motor,I have one on a K241 from a 76 John Deere , what are the chances of it working on the Colt motor. John
Very good.
hemi said:
you all have told me this is a great site,I agree. John
Shhhhhhhhh. Don't say that too loud. There are spies everywhere. :sidelaugh:
hemi said:
I see these tractors have fans by the oil cooler,do they draw or push the air.I have aluminum fan blade,but not sure if it is the correct one. Whats the diameter and # of blades suppose to be. John
My apologies, John. I'm surprised that one of our resident Colt enthusiasts did not reply. The parts manual for the 1965 models show a 5 bladed fan and it is metal, not plastic. Presumably, it pulls air through the cooler. Jim Daenzer has replacement fans for these tractors (oldcoltcaseguy) and you could e-mail him for a definitive answer.
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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