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NIce score! Welcome to the site.

But I'd might as well be the one to tell you, "It's not "orange." It's actually "Power Red."

Oddly enough, if you'll buy Rustoleum's "Chevy Orange" spray paint you'll find that it's a PERFECT match to "Power Red".

I think if you add POWER to red it makes it look a little "orange."



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Nice find 馃憖
Someday the black frame tractors will be kind of rare 馃幆
It has both names on bord, Case for the last time and Ingersoll for the first
I didn't plan on colleting them but somehow, I have a bunch of them Over the years I've dragged home a few lo/pro's 220 222 226 the 210 and a 224 are still on my list, big wheeled 444 446 and a 448, working on the 446 right now I have hi hope for this gem 鈽
The first one after granddad's 442 that I used for years was a 444bf It was a real good buy for 5 bills it even had AG's on the back the biggest repair was rebuilding the PTO clutch that's it for 20 years
Sure hope you Rusty have the same luck with yours

bigman (y)

1973 Case 444, 1974 Case 644, 1976 Case 446, 1977 Case 646
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Welcome to the CCI forum Rusty. Nice to hear your going to save this GT and I'll be looking forward to reading your posts about fixing it. Please post some more pics down the road as your project progresses.

Keep the Peace 鉁

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Actually that does not look bad as far as rust goes. A weekend of sanding, glazing compound, more sanding and prime/paint should have your hood looking like new. The rest looks very good.

Those black frames are unique in that in addition to the black frame they also have white wheels and originally, a white seat (who thought that was a good idea?).

1993 Ingersoll 4118, 1984 Case 448
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The black frames were only made for the 1984 model year, they also had white attachments. They were the last of the Case's and the start of Ingersoll.
Near the end of production Ingersoll made some again, but no white seats or implements.
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