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A good gas story

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Not in a tractor but gasoline powered! And the experience is applicable to gas used anywhere.

About 2.5 years ago, my daughter bought a new to her car. The old one, a 2000 plymouth voyager has been parked beside my shop since. No special storage precautions other than adding a few ounces of Seafoam to the tank, about 4-5 gals on gas.

On Friday last week, I charged the battery, turned the key on and waited a short while for the fuel pump to get the system primed with gas and turned the key.

Darn thing started on the first crank over and runs as good as it ever did!

Now, was it the Seafoam? The fact that the fuel system is sealed? Real high quality fuel (not likely), Dumb luck?

All I know is, Seafoam goes in everything now!
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I've heard nothing but GOOD things about Seafoam! I think I'll give it a try, can't hurt!

I used Seafoam once on an old Ranger I bought. I blame it for the demise of essentially the entire fuel system, as it is my belief that the "undesirable" crud was the only thing holding it together.

Moral of the story: Seems to be good at eliminating crud, whether or not your fuel system is worth a hoot........
I got rid of a 'work car' last fall that pretty much sat for 2.5 years other than a start up once every few months. When I started it to drive it out front to put the sign in it the front pads were stuck so solid the linings ripped off (and they were 'brand new'). Years ago we were very careful about winter storage of our boats due to bad gas but theses days it lasts.
Got an 05 1500 Kawasaki which is fuel injected. Bike was always cold blooded till last year when I added Sea Foam. Never was a fan of "snake oil" but now add Sea Foam at every fill. Not sure if SF makes fuel hotter or actually cleans system as claimed?
I have never used Seafoam,by I don't think I have ever heard anything bad about it.

Maynard :canada:
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