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A quick hello

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Hi all, just a quick intro- Been hanging around for awhile and enjoying the site, I'm new to Case/Ingersols but have a lot of years fixing various types of mowers and power equipment. Started out as an auto mechanic repairing lawn mowers etc., and now am an oil burner tech and plumber but still love fixing just about anything. My granddad was a farmer thru the Great Depression and my dad grew up farming and then became a machinist and finally an auto mechanic so needless to say I learned to save and fix everything. It can become a problem, and takes periodic purges of junk to keep from becoming a featured subjecton "Hoarders".
Anyhow I do enjoy the site and will post my Ingersol story as soon as I can... and yes there will be pictures as soon as I can take some.
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Welcome to the site.

I look forward to seeing the photos and the full story behind your acquisition. :thumbsup:
Thanks for stopping in the Introductions for a hello. Welcome to the site we're glad you joined and entered the world of CCI tractors! Congratulations on your new Ingersoll! :thumbup: Looking forward to the pictures. This is the best site for CCI tractors, more valuable info and help here than anywhere else. So please feel at home here, we have a great membership. Be sure to visit the comprehensive Technical Library and Tractor FAQs. There are also FAQs up top on utilizing the many features of the site. For pure reading pleasure, a must, please visit our History section on the Home Page. We look forward to talking with you on the site!
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
Welcome to the forum.Glad to have you with us.

Maynard :canada:
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