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Has anyone (Boomer maybe) examined the BF block closely to see it it would be possible to locate and drill the holes to route the oil out to a filter and/or cooler and back to the bearings?

The flat area is present on the outside but obviously only one hole, for the optional pressure sending unit or low oil pressure switch.

Onan Master, new and used parts.
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B48M (above)

B43M (above)

ken, and club.
after much research, the oil filter WOULD be poss.,
with a small cup type frost plug.
SO, my dealer that did this was WAAAAAY wrong as to how he did it.
the oil would take the path of least resistance,
and that would NOT be through the filter.
study the pics, closely and you will see what i mean.
thank you.boomer (the used onan engine parts guy)
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