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Adjusting the speed / travel valve spool

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I am swaping out the travel valve on my 77-444 with an newer travel valve with the intergrated holding valve. The new travel / holding valve matched up with the holes in the frame and thats how I attached it. I attached the rods from the holding valve to the bracket on the control lever. (I have no oil in system yet, engine at machine shop reboring engine). When I try to move the control lever to the full forward position it will only go to the retard position, when I move it to reverse it goes all the way to full position. Before I install the engine I want to make sure I am doing this correctly, so HOW DO I ADJUST THE SPEED CONTROL SO IT WILL MOVE TO THE FULL FORWARD POSITION? The guy I bought the travel holding valve from said it was from a 448 and it worked fine, no problems with it, so I'm assuming it is set at the correct relief numbers??? Any help out there.
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Please post pics of your progress so other members can see what is involved in swapping the valve out.
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