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Adjusting the speed / travel valve spool

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I am swaping out the travel valve on my 77-444 with an newer travel valve with the intergrated holding valve. The new travel / holding valve matched up with the holes in the frame and thats how I attached it. I attached the rods from the holding valve to the bracket on the control lever. (I have no oil in system yet, engine at machine shop reboring engine). When I try to move the control lever to the full forward position it will only go to the retard position, when I move it to reverse it goes all the way to full position. Before I install the engine I want to make sure I am doing this correctly, so HOW DO I ADJUST THE SPEED CONTROL SO IT WILL MOVE TO THE FULL FORWARD POSITION? The guy I bought the travel holding valve from said it was from a 448 and it worked fine, no problems with it, so I'm assuming it is set at the correct relief numbers??? Any help out there.
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The top hose measures 10 inches (from end to end) and I was able to bend it enough with short hose, the longer hose is 20 inches from end to end. used it for abbout three hours so far and the holdong valve works great. I do have other issues with trying to install a later PTO valve to the kohler engine and now the brake is not fully engaged. but here are pics of what I did with hose from travel valve to motor
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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