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mjodrey said:
I know y'all want this one because of that nice seat. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :sidelaugh:
NICE SEAT :sidelaugh:

Maynard :canada:
That seat looks very easy on the back. I need a replacement for my 69 444. Its so worn i feel the bolts going in my buttocks. My seat has the top back pad and a seperate seat pad. I see some on ebay but dont know what to get.Even if i went with oem it doesnt look easy on the back as the yeller one. the yellow is horrible i tell you! but comfy looking :chopwood:

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If you need the high back for the lumbar support, then there are seats at TSC, Northern Tools and other places that can be adapted. Just don't throw out your OEM seat pan. When you get around to restoring that tractor and turning it into a trailer queen, you will want that original seat pan with the PK decals on it.

Steve Guider and Jim Daenzer have replacement OEM style cushions for your seat pan.
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