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Another Hello from PA

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Greetings from Bucks County in Eastern PA. 1983 446 with cab, sleeve hitch, 48" snow blower, 52" plow (yes, it is a 52" fabrication from a 46" Simplicity), 42" grading blade (also a Simplicity fabrication), and 46" mower deck (in permanent storage). The old girl is my work horse for pulling trailers, hauling fire wood ( a LOT of fire wood) and moving stone/snow.
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Welcome akeller :thumbsup:

A cab.... I need one of those sooooo bad.... I was out blowing snow this afternoon and took several snow showers.... darn wind...

You don't spit into the wind... or blow snow!

This site is tremendous, you'll like it and the personalities :clap: :clap:

Kevin B.
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