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There has to be the collector out there who has tea parties with their daughter or granddaughter that would love that. I'll bet it sells as nut's as people are about their brands.
Or it would make a great shot glass.


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Bart said:
I'd rather spend the money on what I'm drinking and not what I'm drinking from. That amount of money would keep a couple of Scots in good single malt for a week!
Like all great Scotsmen, Bart and Wee Angus know that our beverage containers is like our women, pretty on the outside usually means nasty contents!!!!!
Wee Angus will drink tea with an adult beverage chaser, but tea alone is tuff to handle!!!
Mad Mackie from the Highland horse thieves!!! :sidelaugh: :drinkbuddies: :winterrules: But not for much longer I hope!!!!! :lol: :goodpost: Eah!!!!
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