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my $.02, since I have not dealt with that one.. The pump shaft has nice bevel on it and if you got a brass punch, or some really hard wood, I would not be afraid to give the end of that pump shaft a sharp whack to see if that might break it loose. Of course make sure BOTH of the set screws are out of the coupler.

As for Brass I checked Horror freight and I don't think this hammer would fit in there: 2 lb. Hickory Handle Brass Hammer

But, for the $4 I could see using something like this, if it REALLY is brass, as a punch.. 1/4 in. Female Brass Industrial Coupler aka the pump and lovejoy are worth $$$$, if I destroy a $4 part to get it out, so be it.. And my and I bet alot of other guys 'punches' are scarps they have hanging around. My 'brass' stuff is left over scraps.
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