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Any tips on removing this love joy? I’ve tried prying, soaked it in like 3 cans of kroil, bought mini pry bars for it. My little 2 jaw puller is a little too thick so fit under it. I could grind it down of course since it’s like an $8 puller, but if there is something else I can do that has worked for someone else if you could let me know that would be great thanks. The only thing I haven’t done is pulled out the air hammer. Thanks for your time
When trying to remove an electric clutch from an engine shaft and a "frozen" pulley on a tapered shaft, I have had success applying PB Blaster and then using my air hammer tool to vibrate the dickens out of the pulley. The vibrations help move the lubricant into the shaft/pulley meeting surfaces and also helps break up any rust that may have things locked up. Here's a video demonstration of the principle:

The clutch I removed took about 20 minutes of air hammering on different points before it came free.

Hope this might help.
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