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Are these fenders correct?

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This tractor belongs to a friend of mine. He found it in a barn on his property in Maine. What a find! It was originally owned by his wife's grandfather. (I bet that Nutcase446 can tell you exactly where it was purchased new from just looking at the picture.)

It has been sitting for a long time and is supposed to be 100% original. BUT, are those fenders correct? They look like the short Ingersoll style fenders. I could be totally wrong here. What do you guys think?
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The fenders are 100% WRONG. Those are from a late 70's, early 80's tractor The correct fenders have flat tops, no edges and short front and rear panels. They are also painted Sunset, not Power Red.

This appears to be a 1976 Case 446.
oh my!!!! look at that poor tie rod!!!! Still this one is worth saving in spite of all the "customizing" the p/o did on it.
:headscratcher: Those fenders didn't add up for me. I guess I am learning a few things by reading all of the stuff on this site. Scary.
kungdrew said:
oh my!!!! look at that poor tie rod!!!! Still this one is worth saving in spite of all the "customizing" the p/o did on it.
Definately a worthwhile project. He has a set of chains and a new, in the crate, snowcaster as well. He says the starter is junk but it does run. I think a PTO handle can be seen through the rear window too.

For now, it is not for sale. He needs permission from the wife to sell it. :fingerscrossed:
kungdrew said:
oh my!!!! look at that poor tie rod!!!! Still this one is worth saving in spite of all the "customizing" the p/o did on it.
Yes sir,look at that.I hadn't noticed that.

Maynard :canada:
Linkage for a sleeve hitch can also be seen in pic. Do those later style fenders provide more clearance for tire chains above the tires compared to the earlier style?
JSB: Looks like a good one for you to keep an eye on, maybe even try to get first rights. Wonder about the engine. Cab, new snow caster, nice for you northern members! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing, barn finds are always interesting! :thumbup:
:222: :446: Best Regards, Rich
I'll bet the sticker says Blackberry Hill Farm Equipment. If so, I probably set it up and delivered it. Where was the barn?
Those fenders might be a result of the cab needing spacers for the older style fenders, I just went through the manual when installing my cab, and it mentions that pre 79 fenders might require spacers. Maybe the owner just took the easy way out and swapped fenders to mount the cab???

I would find the barn and go through it and you might run across the original fenders stored somewhere...Maybe even some other Case goodies...

I find it interesting that someone went to the trouble of outfitting this tractor with a cab, and used it in the harsh winters of Maine, but never took the snowcaster out of the crate or used it at all? Is it me or does that seem weird to anyone else.
Some people prefer to plow for some reason. I know a few people like that.

I like all that firewood stacked neatly in the back round.....
Snotrocket said:
Some people prefer to plow for some reason.
I can see your point, but if that is the case, where is the plow?

And since it has the sleeve hitch and rear pto valve, where is the tiller? Some digging around in that barn might turn up a whole slew of treasures.
I might be giving up a little too much information here, but that barn also had a 6-wheeled amphibious Argo that had been sitting for a long time. The snowcaster is a mystery to my friend (the current owner) too. There are no other attachments to be found and noone in the family can remember it having any at all. The grandfather who owned the property had some expendable income and expensive taste.

Gregg, you are correct about that sticker, I thought you might recognize it. (See below.)The barn is VERY close to your family farm. I think we talked a little about this tractor a few months ago. If I can get him to sell it and you are interested, we can work something out.
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JSB Case said:
I might be giving up a little too much information here, but.......
So where is the picture of the serial number ? I want to see if Tom guessed it right as a 1976..... I think it could be newer with an older hood and seat mounts because the '76 era tractors I have had sported a much thinner front tie rod. The rat tractor I am building right now is a '76, and it was an all power red tractor, not two tone.

It cant hardly be a '75 or we'd see mufflers.......

It would be strange that a guy would have used a much newer frame and as many earlier parts though....
If it is a 76 (it sure looks like my 76) then it will probably have the tin can pancake oil tank under the battery that was used when the muffler was first moved under he hood. You know, the one you are not supposed to run a log splitter with. By the way, my 77 is all power red and has the larger plastic oil tank.
I talked things over with the owner last night and his wife has too much sentimental attachment to let him sell the tractor. I understand where she is coming from and agree with her 100%. Even though the guy has no intentions of using the tractor, I offered to help him get it running and usable again. Also encouraged him to join this forum. He was receptive, but just not overly excited about the tractor in general.

Snot could be correct with his plow prediction. The wife does remember a tractor being used with a snow plow on the property many years ago, but she wasn't sure if it was this tractor.

For Grummy and Hydriv, the ID tag reads 446-76.

The origin of those fenders are still a mystery...
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